Share and be shared...

So... your business is on Facebook and your "Likes" aren't increasing? You are not alone. The old cliché "if you build it they will come" does not quite work with social media. You need to be active. You need to be creative. We can help you.

We make social apps that get results!

"Not only have I gotten more 'Likes' on Facebook, my restaurant has gotten more customers in the door. Facebook coupon sharing really works!"
- Ann D.
  • How It Works

    You offer a coupon to your customers. The coupon activates when they "Like" you or "Share" with their friends on their Facebook Wall. Then their friends share it with their friends who share it with thier friends and their friends.... you get the picture. It's viral sharing to the extreme! And the best part is, we do all the work.

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